Falcon Engineering Co. | DEA BRAVO Console
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The DEA BRAVO Console line is a technically advanced and cost-effective solution for flexible and accurate dimensional inspection of thin-walled components, ideal for mid-size parts in industrial environments

Model X stroke
Y stroke
Z stroke
30.14.16 3000 1400 1600
40.16.16 4000 1600 1600
50.16.21 5000 1600 2100
60.16.25 6000 1600 2500

DEA BRAVO Console line standard X axis measuring strokes: 3000, 4000, 5000 and 6000 mm. The DEA BRAVO Console line is available in single arm configuration. Double arm configuration on request.


  • Rigid ram with 80 x 100 mm section
  • Axes slide on high-accuracy recirculating ball pads
  • Innovative adjustable slack-free arm counterbalance system
  • Linear optical scales with 0.5 μm resolution
  • Compatibility with CW43L-mw continuous wrist (compressed air is required); efficient control of non-contact sensors and probes extensions up to 570 mm
  • Isostatic three-point support system only for X stroke = 3000 mm
  • Protection bellows on the X and Y axes (available as an option)
  • Axis motion with sturdy reliable motors coupled with rack & pinion systems for the X axis and timing belts on the Y and Z axes
  • Work plate made in cast iron, available as options with tapered M8 x 1.25 holes patter, T-slot, high load bearing capacity and FIVE U-nique plane

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