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The BRAVO HD is a technically advanced and cost-effective solution for flexible and accurate dimensional inspection of thin-walled components like bodies-in-white and their subassemblies. BRAVO HD belongs to the BRAVO line which also includes BRAVO HP and BRAVO HA. It utilizes a stable, precise mechanical structure, an integrated temperature compensation system, a wide range of probes, probe heads, wrists and accessories and a state-of-the-art software package, delivering an effective coordinate measuring machine that is particularly well suited for operation in metrology labs, QC rooms and Meisterbock rooms.

Measuring Range (in mm)
4000 – 6000 – 7000 – 9000 1600 2100 – 2500 – 3000


  • The open structure with walkable covers along the longitudinal axes ensures maximum ease of access to the measurement area simplifying part loading and unloading operations, programming and automatic dimensional inspection.
  • Rigid steel structure for maximum dimensional stability in a wide range of operating conditions
  • Axes slide via high-accuracy recirculating ball pads, compressed air is not required
  • Rigid ram with 80 x 100 mm section, prewired to accept the optional anti-crash protection
  • Provision for installation flush to the floor


  • Dimensional inspection of thin-walled components, bodyshells, chassis, subassemblies, panels, car doors, glasses, dashboards
  • Dimensional inspection of castings, structural aircraft, ship and railway components
  • Metrology support to die and mold manufacturing process
  • Reverse engineering of complex contoured shapes

Operating environment:

  • Metrology labs, QC rooms, Meisterbock rooms
  • Metrologic temperature range: 18 – 22 °C; 16 – 24 °C; 16 – 32 °C

 Probing systems:

  • Standard: TESASTAR-m
  • Optional: CW43L-mw

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