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The DEA TORO is an innovative line of automatic horizontal arm measuring machines for dimensional inspection of sheet metal components and large size parts. TORO features an extraordinary price/performance ratio and is available in the Runway structure with the main guideway fixed to the floor.

Model X stroke
Y stroke
Z stroke
40.16.21 4000 1600 2100
60.16.21 6000 1600 2100
70.16.21 7000 1600 2100
40.16.25 4000 1600 2500
60.16.25 6000 1600 2500
70.16.25 7000 1600 2500



  • Machine axes move on stiff ball bearing pads that slide on a pair of ground, induction-hardened precision guide ways, thus, ensuring maximum resistance and functional dependability in industrial environments.
  • The mobile carriage counterbalance system takes advantage of an innovative backlash-free, safe device located inside the Z machine ram.
  • The Z axis guide ways are protected by a stiff bellow cover from contaminants in the environment.
  • The guide ways on the X beam in protected position and the exclusive design of the mobile carriage make the traditional walkable covers or bellow covers for the upper surface of the main beam unnecessary.

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