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Styli Accessories for Touch Trigger ProbesAdapters Extensions for Probe HeadsStyli Accessories for Scanning Probes


If the measuring depth is insufficient or measurements are necessary in places with difficult access, probe head extensions provide assistance. Hexagon Metrology offers various extensions to increase the measuring range.

Additionally, a wide range of touch trigger probe styli is available in a variety of metals, to fully suit the application. Types include: Disc styli, stylus extensions, star styli, hemispherical styli, cylinder styli, parallel styli, adapters, articulations and crosspieces.

Scanning probes offer the ultimate in precision, but only when paired with the best styli and accessories. Hexagon metrology offers a wide range of styli and accessories for scanning probe applications. Whatever type of styli is needed, from ceramic, tungsten carbide or carbon fiber shafts with ruby, silicon or diamond tips, turn to Hexagon Metrology.

Adapters & Extensions for Probe Heads
The range of adapters and extensions for Hexagon Metrology probe heads ensures the best solution for the most difficult applications. It doesn’t matter if your probe head is equipped with a kinematic joint (TKJ) or a M8 threaded connection, Hexagon Metrology has the right accessories for it.

Styli & Accessories for Touch Trigger Probes
Styli, extensions and other accessories are available for use with all Hexagon Metrology touch trigger probes. Many different shapes and materials are available. The ball probes are manufactured to the highest standards. All these products meet the requirements of international standard ISO 3290 Grade 5.

Styli & Accessories for Scanning Probes
To ensure the absolute accuracy when using scanning probes, selecting the correct stylus is essential. Styli and accessories for scanning probes are manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring what you measure is accurate and prcise.


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