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ZNC S325 are traditional type of sinker edm machines. The X and Y axis are operating manually with the hand wheel around the work table. The oil tank of this model is designed underneath of the machine body, where allows it to fit into facilities with limited floor space and working areas. The work table is 650 x 350mm, suitable for working on small workpiece and mould, such as: electrical components, mobile phones housing and etc.


  • Table is hardended.
  • Constructed of high quality cast iron, quench treated.
  • X, Y-axis high precision ballscrews.
  • 32 bits industrial grade computer.
  • Fast response MOSFET machining circuits.
  • Auto fire extinguisher, fire sensor, arcing sensor, dielectric level & temperature sensor are standard functions.
  • Interchangeable insert-board design.
  • Clearly identified numbers for maximum convenience of maintenance.
  • Momorized with 90 sets of teach-in parameters.
  • Choice of sparking or non-sparking for Z-axis mold alignment.
  • Low electrode wear, high efficency and extremely fine machining surface.
  • 10 steps automatic parameters change for Z-axis.
  • 3 axes digital readout with 0.005 resolution included.
  • Automatic home point reset on Z-axis.
  • Available on-link with orbit-cut system to enhance powerful functions.
  • Employs the latest single screen window conversational operations.
  • 100 sets of work files can be edited.
  • 14” VGA color monitor.
  • Intelligent arcing auto adjustment function : Intelligent arcing sensor & adjust.parameters to ensure best performance.
  • Digital dual voltage ( high / low voltage ) currents being synchronously discharged to ensure faster metal removal rate, low electrode wear and uniform surface finish.
  • New ” Fuzzy ” edition function : Just input : ( 1 ) material of electrode & workpiece ( 2 ) machining depth. ( 3 ) Maximum current & ( 4 ) Minimum current , then ” FUZZY” will auto set the machining parameters for each step form roughing to final finishing.


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